BNB and these four crypto assets can continue to move higher

Cryptocurrency trader and strategist Scott Melker says that he is expecting Binance Coin (BNB) and these four popular crypto assets to continue moving up after a bullish signal.

The trader is also watching the development of blockchain scaling solution Polygon (MATIC), which he says is likely to continue an uptrend supported by the coin’s strong fundamentals.

Bitcoin Support and Resistance Levels to Watch

The RSI is moving lower and close to oversold conditions. This suggests that the bears may have been overexploited and could mean that the market will not continue to fall too much from here.

Learn the trading interface

Automated market maker SushiSwap (SUSHI) also on Melker’s list. The crypto analyst outlines key buy levels for SUSHI as it targets a new all-time high of $23.40.

  • Indicators of futures
  • Place to display positions, margin balance, open positions, order history and transaction history.
  • Order book of buyer and seller
  • The transaction was made
  • Place of order LONG / SHORT

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